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The absolute best way to Cure Insomnia!

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Who Else Wants To Know How to Cure Insomnia?

If you are interested in how to cure insomnia naturally and easily right now, this is going to be the most exciting message you have ever read.

Whether you are simply having trouble sleeping right now, or suffer from prolonged Insomnia, this audio program is for you.

  • Are you deprived of SLEEP?
  • Do you have problems falling or staying asleep?
  • Do you sleep but wake up tired and unrefreshed?
  • Do you spend the time tossing and turning and watching the clock?
  • There are many causes of insomnia including stress, anxiety, and depression which account for approximately 50% of insomnia cases
  • Would you love to have a Beautiful Natural Deep Sleep?
  • Discover how to stop repetitive thoughts from keeping you awake
  • Discover the secrets of sleeping deeply
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For one very simple reason:

This program is created and delivered by an internationally recognized and accredited Medical and Clinical Hypnotherapist with over 30 years of experience. This means our product is not only sold to you, but it is tried and tested in clinical practice by a professional hypnotherapist with over 3,000 clients from all over the world, both in clinical practice and in workshops. The results have been very positive.


This self-hypnosis recording is designed to help you to sleep more deeply, and get to sleep without difficulty. The recording guides you into a relaxed state where sleep is easy to slip into. As you listen (or soon after) you will simply find it impossible to stay awake.

We will work directly with your subconscious mind to resolve the underlying sleep conflict, installing internal resources such as relaxation and comfort. With practice and regular use this MP3 you will bring balance back into your life, eliminating past negative attitudes and behaviours, allowing you to sleep peacefully permanently.

Get ready for deep, relaxing and refreshing sleep!

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What's a resource like this worth?

Firstly it is priceless to be able to cure their Insomnia and always have a peaceful night’s sleep.

To have hypnotherapy sessions in a clinical environment for this would cost you $250 - $350 per hour and you would need about 6-8 sessions minimum ($2,100 - $2,800)

With this audio program, you can listen to it as often as you like in the comfort of your own home, & sleep the night away for just $9.97!

This Audio Program is INVALUABLE At Only $9.97!

That's right, a fraction of what it's really worth or what it cost me to research and develop and record. Why would I make it so affordable? Simply because my costs to deliver it to you are so low. This is an electronic downloadable CD (MP3) that can be downloaded to your computer in a flash. You can be using it and discovering the benefits in as little as 20 minutes from now. So I figure I'll be able to offer this fantastic resource of information (which if you follow the instructions it could really give you some amazing benefits) to more people. And make my investment back over time.

No matter what however, it's a bargain for you. And yes, I plan on raising the price from $9.97 to at least double that very soon. Once I get a few more testimonials from satisfied customers, the price will increase. So you'll want to be quick if you want to save some money.

$9.97 is a drop in the ocean compared to what you learn with these secrets.

And don't worry, if for any reason you're not happy with the content, you have a complete guarantee to protect your investment.

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Cutting Edge Recorded Hypnosis Session!

This is one of the first hypnosis recordings ever released in the world using cutting edge audio and clinical hypnotherapeutic techniques. It contains a full clinical hypnotherapy session with renowned author Dr Katherine Tassioulas.

Be hypnotized by one of the leading and most experienced hypnotherapists in Australia as well as worldwide, in the comfort of your own home.

Listen to an audio sample...

Purchasing This Program You Will Discover...

  • How to overcome insomnia with hypnotherapy
  • How to allow your mind to relax and allow yourself to sleep
  • How to switch of 'mind-chatter' and excessive thinking
  • How to stop distractions and allow yourself to sleep
  • How to stop your mind from working overtime and ignore outside influences
  • How to overcome insomnia, sleep deeply, and relax your mind & body
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Now Imagine This For A Second...

Imagine falling into a deep sleep within minutes. How would your life change if you slept through the night with ease? Imagine how good it will feel to get night after night of great sleep. Imagine how wonderful it will be to feel refreshed, vivid, & enjoy life much more!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

You may still feel that I am exaggerating or are unsure that this will really work for you... so we are giving you a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, that if you follow the instructions to the letter, and you have no change in the 30 days of listening to this mp3 every day/night, we will refund your money!

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Recorded in English With NO DISTRACTING ACCENT

Have you ever purchased an audio program and thought "great I will get some sleep tonight", then you put the CD on only to find out the person has a heavy accent? Did you then forever get distracted by his or her accent whilst you are supposed to be trying to sleep? On this audio program you will be instantly relaxed by Katherine's soothing 'non-accented' voice and sleep-inducing background music. It will help you instantly switch off and drift away into slumber without being distracted by a heavy accent or poor recording quality.

The absolute best way to Cure Insomnia is with Hypnotherapy!


This mp3 is produced by a professional sound engineer in a recording studio. This is important because you will get a crystal clear recording, without the background noise that is often present on home recordings or copies. You will receive the download of an original recording.

If you were booking a hypnotherapy session - you would look for a properly qualified, registered hypnotherapist. The same applies when listening to a pre-recorded session. All of the material on this program is written and presented by a Registered Hypnotherapist, giving you reassurance that you are in safe hands.

This is the only such program that offers a full 30 day money back guarantee.
We know how effective these sessions are and we want you to find out too... risk free!

Listen to an audio sample...

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Our company uses only the most up-to-date, cutting edge techniques that are backed by science and neuroscience. In addition to running a successful practice, we have sold 1000's of recordings helping people he world over change their lives.

Through Hypnotherapy,& listening to this recording, suggestions will be given by myself to your subconscious mind, to enable you to have a relaxed, deep, peaceful and calm sleep every night, waking up each morning, happy and at ease from a wonderful night’s sleep, ignoring any memories of a disturbed nights of sleep, helping you sleep through the night, comfortably and deeply. And taking greater control over your body through your subconscious mind, than you ever thought possible.


Susan Grey - New Zealand

I was very stressed all the time, I don't even remember when that last time was that I had a peaceful night of sleep, always tossing and turning.

Waking up tired un refreshed and unproductive at work. I was constantly tired, I kept looking at the clock all night and falling asleep about 5 am only to get up at 7 to go to work, at work I would just about fall asleep at 2 pm.

A friend told me about this particular CD, I purchased it and was absolutely blown away, the first night I put it on my CD player, I did not even hear the end of it, I slept through the night and in the morning I felt like I had a recharge

By using hypnotherapy a person can produce impressive results, the most impressive of which is weight loss.

Marilyn Brooks AU - Australia

This insomnia CD was an absolute lifesaver for me during pregnancy and the early stages of motherhood.

When I couldn’t sleep due to the discomfort of pregnancy, the CD helped me immensely, and when I had to get up multiple times to use the bathroom the CD put me straight back to sleep.

Seriously in those early weeks of motherhood I would have paid hundreds more for this CD and can’t believe that it’s being sold at such a great price. Even now when my son is four years old if he’s sick or having a difficult night and waking often, I go back to this recording to help me fall asleep so I can function the next day at work.

I don’t usually write testimonials but just had to tell Dr Tassioulas how much help she’s been to me.

Thomas Geoghegan - Australia

Thank you so much for this recording, I have about 9 in my collection, all gathering dust, some not professionally recorded, others have an accent, others the music is just not right.

This recording actually has all components of the perfect insomnia hypnotherapy recording, the music is perfect, the voice is great, the voice has a calming soothing flow, and it actually works, it puts me to sleep!

A friend of mine told me about this recording and I was sceptical, but now I listen to it every night and I have had a really good night's sleep, no more tossing and turning, no more waking up and looking at the clock, no more frustration at not being able to sleep.

This is the best insomnia recording I have purchased and the only one that I can recommend and I use daily / or nightly

Maritsa Glennan - UAE

I can’t believe that I can now actually sleep through the night without waking up and clock watching I used to wake up several times a night and just look at the clock, I could not sleep, then I would fall asleep about an hour before the alarm went off in the morning so I could get ready and go to work I was exhausted all the time!

But since I purchased the insomnia cd, I have and am experiencing a bliss full night’s sleep, that I thought was never again possible Her voice is so calm and soothing and I found I am falling asleep half way through the recording

My stress levels have come down and my sleeping now I can say is that of a normal person that sleeps through the night Thank you Katherine

Thomasina Alexopolous - LA

Well I can honestly say this is by far the best insomnia cd I have tried, I am pregnant and could not sleep, constantly tossing and turning and waking up exhausted I had purchased many mp3 in the past but none of them as good as this one, I can happily say this is the best one.

I actually got results, I slept through the night on the first time listening to it!! Katherine’s voice is so calm and soothing, the recording is excellent and I am waking up refreshed. I can happily recommend it to any person with a sleep disorder.

Many of the mothers at pre-natal classes are experiencing the same as I used to and I have recommend this to others too and they have excellent results

Anthony Marshall - UK

Thank you Katherine for making this recording available to not only your patients but to the public I am a shift worker and have had sleep disorders for over 12 years now, I had tried everything From medication to natural therapies, whilst they helped a little, medication can become quite addictive.

his is by far the best mp3 I have bought for insomnia, the voice is perfect, the recording perfect too.

I had purchased a couple in the past, one had a terrible accent, the other had the sea sounds in the background that made me want to get up and go to the toilet, totally inappropriate for an insomnia recording I can say I am extremely happy with this mp3 and would highly recommend it

You can't leave this page empty handed, can you?

For a mere $9.97, you're getting the answers you need... PLUS MORE. Now, you can only get this product from me. It's not available in any stores or libraries or anywhere else on the net. Just imagine being able to get these answers downloaded to you right away.

I want you to be absolutely sure about your order, that's why we offer you a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee.

Guarantee certificate

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Listen to this hypnosis download with commitment every day for 16 weeks and you will notice incredible results. If, after you've purchased any of my products, you decide that it's not for you… or you didn't achieve your goals, simply contact us and we will refund your money in full.

I truly want to help you achieve all your goals. I get emails every day from customers who are using these materials to dramatically increase their success in all areas of their life and I want to help you too.

All my products have been designed having worked with my clients, enhanced and designed to cater all your needs and I know that they can work for you, too. Remember, you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee - if you're not happy, we will refund you in full. It is truly 100% risk- free.