This is the only way to choose the best guitar for your needs. Because the slope-shouldered dreadnought is a classic body shape when it comes to folk music, we think this guitar is the best option for folk performers. Parlor and grand concert models are smaller and have excellent projection, but some lack a full low end. Including Breedlove’s Oregon Series Concert CE in our list of the best acoustic... 3. Gibson G-45 Standard (Editor’s Choice) We give it five out of five stars. Since this model effectively gives you two guitars in one, we think it's the best unusual guitar on the list. I think this price range is the most exciting because the amount of value you see from your guitar per dollar is the most apparent. While its body is deep enough to sound good while played acoustically, its combination of magnetic and piezo pickups means that you can choose acoustic or electric sound when plugged in. These are 5 of the best Acoustic Guitar under 2000 dollars, which come at reasonable price and hence, might suit your budget and picking style and the way you perform. Keep reading to find our round-up of the best acoustic guitars under $2,000. In fact, it goes without saying that the very traditional techniques that are used in the making of this vintage styled instrument is very much time tested and therefore, this particular instrument is very much a personified form of legacy and tradition that is reflected by its traditional look and the construction methods followed. Coming to the body size, it ranges from small 0,00 and 000 to the concert size and the finally to the big jumbo size and you are to select the one that suits you the best. Taylor 114ce $1,049 Taylor’s signature and bestselling shape, the Grand Auditorium is a balance between a dreadnought and a grand concert. Blueridge BG-2500 Historic Series Super Jumbo Guitar. I… However, the real catch of the instrument is the gold-plated 14.1 tuners, which are not only smooth and precise that always keeps the instrument in tune, but which also gives you that extra confidence when it comes to maintaining the right rhythm and tune is concerned. Be sure to listen to a few sound demos of any guitar you're thinking about buying--this will help you decide whether or not the guitar's sound suits your playing style. The pattern can range from the standard X bracing to the forward shifted bracing and the custom scalloped bracing with the later one, categorically being built for your use, once you place the order. If you do not need electronics at all, you may want to instead invest in a well-made, all-acoustic model. More importantly, the delicate herringbone or the exotic abalone purfling with mahogany posterior and sides having the Black ABS binding lend to that traditional look. Given the number of high-end acoustic guitars Godin produces, you might not think this brand should be your go-to for guitars under 2000 dollars. Guitar Pedals. Guild is a manufacturer that has consistently produced some of the best acoustic guitars, especially for folk and bluegrass players. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This bracing style frees up more of the soundboard, allowing it to vibrate freely and deliver more dynamic sound. We give it four out of five stars. The back and sides are solid koa, which adds a remarkably full top end to the tone. These options may include the high pressure laminates for lower priced guitars as well as the wide array of some amazingly exotic and domestic hardwood guitars that come up with a much high price tags and hence, are exclusive. Its simple yet understated design has a top of solid Sitka spruce, and the back and sides are made of solid sapele. Breedlove Oregon Series Concert CE. The D-20E, which was formerly called the D-25, is also an outstanding value. We give it five out of five stars. From the minute you take up this guitar, you get that unique home-made look and feel. Of course, no wood choice is really wrong--it all comes down to what sounds good to you. Required fields are marked *. It comes up in a solid red Canadian Cedar top along with a laminated African mahogany sides and back and generally features a Cutaway and fisherman Prefix Pro Blend Pickup System.

best acoustic guitar under $2000

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