When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Let’s check our pepper spray gun reviews! Each model has its own peculiarity. They are more designed for professional use over civilians hence the large price tag. For many people an attack itself is a very stressful event and if a perpetrator approached them too fast and unexpectedly, they can lose courage. This is the SALT gun by Salt Supply, a state of the art self-defense device. Number of Shots. SALT Supply’s S1 Pepper Spray Gun. MACE BRAND – "Mace" is Pepper Spray, but not all pepper spray is Mace Brand. They are all easy to aim and some can cover some distances much greater than a standard pepper spray keychain. This pepper spray pistol is extremely accurate and will keep your attacker disabled for up to 45 minutes. MILITARY STRENGTH - Proven safe and effective by agencies including the U.S. Military, State police and the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Filter Sort By Featured Lowest Price Highest Price A-Z Z-A Oldest to Newest Newest to Oldest Best Selling Having the extra distance and easy aim of a quality pepper spray gun brings a good sense of security. Updated October 2020 . When you pull this pepper spray gun out, your attacker will know that you came prepared, and that they brought a fist to a pepper spray gun fight. Make sure to get some practice cartridges and extra ammunition to take a few practice shots and learn the device in and out. SAFE AND EASY TO USE – This Mace Brand pepper spray gun features an easy to load and pistol-grip design that maximizes point-and-shoot accuracy, while the slide-release switch prevents accidents or misfires. Mace Brand Self Defense Pepper Spray Gun 2.0 – Accurate 20’ Powerful Pepper Spray, Leaves UV Dye on Skin, Integrated LED Light Enhances Aim, Great Self … Best for Women: Ruger Pepper Spray Gun 2. If you are a firearms owner this is a great less than lethal option to carry. EASY TO USE - No violent kick or loud bang when fired. The pistol grip helps with accuracy and allows a firm grip to avoid dropping the canister. Hope this helps! When you are under attack, then you need a pepper spray or a pepper ball gun that works great and also easy to operate. There's no time to flip open caps to reach a spray plunger. Features: Comfortable ergonomic grip provides improved accuracy, proprietary delivery system greatly reduces chance for blowback. Mow Wet Grass – Bad Idea or an Option for Your Kind? 9 Best Pepper Sprays of 2020: Outdoor Empire Reviews. Pepper (OC) spray is one of the best personal protection products you can buy to defend yourself — whether from a dangerous drunk or a dog during your night run.This article will compare some of the most popular sprays available on the market today, … Features: High capacity and insane distance, used by the military and police tactical teams. It is designed for less lethal self-defense where it can hold four separate pepper spray canisters. They should develop a more compact version, even if it reduces somewhat the distance it can shoot, that can allow it to be more easily carried as a concealed item. We have put together a list of the top four pepper spray guns available. We have tested them multiple times and you will be able to cover about 20 foot distances with approximately seven short bursts of a stream spray pattern. What Are The Best Options For Non-Lethal Self Defense? Best Mace Sprays Review Mace Brand Police Strength Pepper Spray Pepper Gun 2.0. Best pepper spray gun. Thanks for the feedback. The good thing about spray guns is that you do not need any training since you have to point and shoot. April 7, 2020 15 Comments. So, here is a list of the best pepper sprays you can purchase in 2018. The trainer model does cost almost as much as the unit so its not always the cheapest route but definitely the safest. Most of the pepper spray models share the same design with a forefinger loop and thumb operated trigger.
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