Posted October 26, 2012, by Lisa (meandthecats [at] gmail [dot] com) Both Easley and Swann covered bridges in Blount County re-opened to traffic on 10/22/12. Where: Rosa in Blount County, Alabama. Easley Covered Bridge. Devall. Posted February 24, 2016, by Glyn Robinson (contactbluebird [at] hotmail [dot] com) the renovation looks awesome! Photo via Beth Cunningham for Bham Now . Horton Mill Covered Bridge EASLEY COVERED BRIDGE, A.K.A. Blount County is Alabama’s Covered Bridge Capital with three of the state’s 13 covered bridges. 1.5 miles from U.S. 231, 3 miles NW of Oneonta, AL 35121. Easley, Horton Mill, and Swann Covered Bridges are open to the public. Easley Covered Bridge . Stop #2: Easley Covered Bridge You can tell why the “one car at a time” rule exists. GPS Coordinates: 33°58′16″N, 86°31′07″W This 95-foot-long bridge, built over Dub Branch, is one of Blount County’s three covered bridges restored and re … It’s 145 acres with breathtaking views off Ebell Montain, historic cabins, and structures from the early 1800’s. This 90-foot bridge was built in 1863 and rebuilt in 1980. Easley Covered Bridge 01-05-12. The Easley Covered Bridge, also known as the Old Easley Covered Bridge or Rosa Covered Bridge, is a county-owned wood & metal combination style covered bridge that spans Dub Branch of the Calvert Prong of the Little Warrior River in Blount County, Alabama, United States. wikimedia commons. After that, make your way over to Easley Covered Bridge (Easley Covered Bridge, Easley Bridge Road, Oneonta). 3. It’s the smallest of the Blount County bridges, but that doesn’t mean it’s the least impressive – built in 1927 and restored in 2012, it’s a beauty, and has also been listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Built in 1927, Easley is the oldest covered bridge on the trail. Not far from the Easley Bridge is the county’s Palisades Park. flickr/Jimmy Emerson, DVM. Built in 1927, it's currently the oldest of Blount County's three historic covered bridges. Following a short drive, you'll arrive at the Easley Covered Bridge in Oneonta, Alabama, which has a length of 95 feet. Drive time from Birmingham: 1 hour In 1927, foremen Forest Tidwell and his nephew, Zelma C. Tidwell, led a construction crew in building the Old Easley Bridge, also known as the Rosa Covered Bridge, across the Dub Branch of the Calvert Prong of the Little Warrior River. Old Easley Bridge. The best view is from the park’s recently refurbished fire tower. Old Union Crossing Bridge spans the West Fork of the Little River in DeKalb County. Easley Covered Bridge. 4. Built in 1927, the Easley Covered Bridge is located in Blount County, near the town of Rosa. wikimedia commons/Mld74/M.L. The Horton Mill Covered Bridge is a state owned wooden covered bridge that spans the Calvert Prong of the Little Warrior River in Blount County, Alabama, United States.It is located on a river crossover (Horton Mill Road) to Ebell Road and Covered Bridge Circle off State Route 75 about 5 miles (8 kilometers) north of the city of Oneonta.Coordinates are (34.007644, -86.448625 The Easley Covered Bridge, located in Rosa, central Blount County, spans the Dub Branch of the Little Warrior River.It is the smallest remaining covered bridge in Blount County. When Built: 1927. It’s now open for visitors. Hours: Self-guided driving tours anytime. Easley Covered Bridge. ROSA COVERED BRIDGE. Old Union Crossing Covered Bridge.
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