‘The more challenges, the calmer I get’. During the 1920s, he conveyed his critiques of social unjustice and the rise of Nazism in Germany in such a simple, direct style that anyone was able to understand his images, regardless of their education and nationality. Some good points scored here, though mol.im/a/8999109, Robert Furchgott – discovered that nitric oxide transmits signals within the human body, Barry Marshall – showed that the bacterium Helicobacter pylori is the cause of most peptic ulcers, reversing decades of medical doctrine holding that ulcers were caused by stress, spicy foods, and too much acid, N Joseph Woodland – co-inventor of the barcode, Jocelyn Bell Burnell – she discovered the first radio pulsars, John Tyndall – the man who worked out why the sky was blue, Rosalind Franklin co-discovered the structure of DNA, with Crick and Watson, Rosalyn Sussman Yallow – development of radioimmunoassay (RIA), a method of quantifying minute amounts of biological substances in the body, Jonas Salk – discovery and development of the first successful polio vaccine, John Waterlow – discovered that lack of body potassium causes altitude sickness. On a beau en avoir entendu parler, découvrir le studio impressionne toujours. Bien entendu, il n’est pas l’unique représentant de ce renouveau (rappelons notamment le rôle joué par Anthon Beeke et Swip Stolk au début des années 1970). Gert Dumbar talks about the designer in the role of author. Top 10 Best Graphic Design Firms in the World: 10. Dutch design is a word that I invented—personally, 25 years ago—for graphic design. Hello, Sign in. your own Pins on Pinterest First experiment: on himself, Werner Forssmann – the first man to insert a catheter into a human heart: his own, Bruce Bayer – scientist with Kodak whose invention of a colour filter array enabled digital imaging sensors to capture colour, Yuri Gagarin – first man in space. No Maclean, no Connolly. S’il fallait ne retenir qu’une chose de son apport au graphisme hollandais, c’est la place qu’il a su redonner au jeu et à l’ironie. Also, we should never forget that they and only they are the end product’. Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists ... With contributions from Flip Bool, Gert Dumbar, Mieke Gerritzen, Nigel Holmes, Max Kisman, Paul Mijksenaar and Erik Spiekermann, this book was winner of the Best Dutch Book Design award for 2010. Studio Dumbar was founded by Gert Dumbar in 1977, in the Hague. Leur parti pris de la rayure comme élément extrêmement efficace dans sa visibilité a pu largement remplir la commande qui leur ont été confié, au point que le principe fut adopté par la suite pour les autres services d’urgences (ambulance, pompiers). Based at the nation’s political capital, Den Haag, it cannot avoid public sector clients, who anyway constitute the biggest source of demand for design among Holland’s 14 million population. Et même en laissant les portières ouvertes, les rayures qui sont réfléchissantes signalent parfaitement le danger. ‘But once they start waving the glue and scissors themselves, that’s when you call a halt’. His studio, which he established in 1977, named Studio Dumbar, works as a design firm primarily focusing on “creating … Suivez le lien ci-dessous. Stylistic durability is … En 1992 le studio Dumbar eu pour mission de renouveler l’identité des forces de l’ordre des Pays-Bas. He was raised in Indonesia, and the resulting dichotomy of place has impacted his views and responses to the world ever since. He studied painting and graphic design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Hague, later attending the Royall College of Art in London where he furthered his studies in graphic design. De cette étude est créé un entrelacement de bandes de couleurs réfléchissantes, les « rayures BZK », BZK pour « Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken » (Ministère de l’Intérieur), permettant ainsi de renforcer la visibilité des véhicules de Police. Enigma variations. He has created some of the most influential pieces of design throughout his career, changing the way many of us see design today. He and his colleagues – he is careful to stress the ‘golden people’ who work with him – do humorous instruction manuals for Bayer, the West German pharmaceuticals giant. He knows he has to turn words into deeds at the RCA, but speaks of the staff’s high morale, of big plans to share computer-aided design facilities with the college’s industrial design department (‘they’re the ones who know how to use that stuff’), and of integrating graphics properly with photography and illustration, departments which operate just next to the still furnitureless echos of 23 Cromwell Road. S’il fallait ne retenir qu’une chose de son apport au graphisme hollandais, c’est la place qu’il a su redonner au jeu et à l’ironie.
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