Entry level granite costs $40 per square foot but quartz starts at $70. Tariffs and other factors can also affect pricing. Corian vs Quartz Countertops – Which Is Best? Miners then cut blocks of granite out of the ground. Whether you are building a new home or remodeling an existing one, the kitchen is certainly an area that is focused on. Both countertop materials are overwhelmingly made of natural materials, but granite countertops come out slightly ahead since they are made from 100 percent stone, while quartz is roughly 93 percent natural materials, with the remainder comprised of color pigments and polymer resins that bond the materials together. It is possible for a quartz countertop to stain, however, it is highly unlikely. As quartz has become more popular and more widely available, costs of basic countertops have fallen, with unique designer styles and colors commanding upper-end pricing. I am still in the trade every single day installing countertops, educating people on the type of material they are using for their homes and making people's dream kitchens a reality. Granite vs. Quartz: A Final Word In pretty much every area of consideration—appearance, durability, hygiene, variety, cost, and maintenance—quartz is better than granite. You will often see slabs of granite stored outdoors. Repairing a chip or crack is possible; however, it can be challenging to make a repair that is not noticeable. Lee has over two decades of hands-on experience remodeling, fixing, and improving homes, and has been providing home improvement advice for over 12 years. If you’re stuck with deciding whether to get quartz vs granite sink, you’ve come to the right place as we’ve prepared a handy guide to help you decide between the two. If you aren’t someone who wants the maintenance of granite countertops, which requires sealing them two times per year then you should probably go with a quartz material for your countertops. You want a bright and cheerful kitchen, right? However, granite can emit small amounts of radon gas. While quartz is one of the most abundantly available minerals on the earth, mining is still required to obtain the mineral. Laminate Vs Granite: Which is the Better Buy? Comparing Granite With Quartz. Granite and quartz are very heavy materials, and even a relatively small 36-inch countertop weighs close to 100 pounds. Because quartz is engineered, it can come in a variety of colors. Pro Tip: If you are updating a smaller vanity it is a good idea to mention you want to see available remnants at your local granite provider. It is formed when magma slowly crystallizes just below the Earth’s surface. The resins in quartz countertops make them considerably more resistant to staining than granite. Quartz, granite and marble are three of the best and most popular countertop options on the market. Granite vs Quartz – Compared Everything! Granite is a stone that can withstand the abuse of a kitchen. Due to brand competition, it is a lower-priced and popular material. Deane Biermeier is a contractor with 27 years experience in home repair, maintenance, and remodeling. The pattern and color of granite depend on how the granite was formed in the earth. Thickness: For both materials, counters range from about ¾” (2cm) to about 1 ¼” (3cm). Although quartz is resistant to stains, it is not entirely stained proof, and the risk of discoloration and damage from heat is increased. Accidents will happen. It is also much easier to prevent staining your quartz countertops and it is much easier to remove a stain from quartz countertops. I started my countertop company with very little and grew extremely fast because of my knowledge and helpfulness. When it comes to granite vs. quartz costs, there is no clear winner. Sealing granite is not going to remove the possibility of staining completely, but it does allow more time to clean up spills, and protects your surfaces much better. If your kitchen gets plenty of natural sunlight, you may want to avoid installing quartz countertops in your kitchen. Foundation for Granite vs. Quartz Comparison Before we begin the granite vs. quartz comparison, it is good to clarify what we mean by some of the terminology that we will use throughout the rest of the post. If spills occur, wipe them up immediately to avoid staining or damaging your countertops. In your eagerness to choose a countertop for your kitchen or bath, you have narrowed it down to two materials: quartz (engineered stone) vs. granite (natural stone). 10 Startling Facts About Granite vs Quartz You Need To Know Now. Granite is a purely natural stone that comes directly from stone quarries and is then cut into thin slabs, polished, and fabricated into countertops. Granite countertops cost $80 to $175 per square foot, installed. Molten materials, including quartz, mica, and feldspar, combine to produce the characteristics found in granite. Granite and quartz countertops are more expensive than other types of countertops, including solid surface countertops, tile countertops, laminate countertops, and butcher block countertops; however, the numerous advantages that they offer far outweigh the difference in cost. And the production process for natural granite produces fewer carbon emissions than quartz. Granite is more susceptible to household stains due to its composition. This is not an easy decision because the distinction between the two countertop materials isn't apparent. Silestone & Granite Are Made Completely Differently. Quartz, on the other hand, does not require sealing, thanks to the resins used in the fabrication of the slabs; and the material is uniform throughout, which means it rarely cracks. Which type you choose depends on several factors, particularly appearance, durability and maintenance. There is a huge choice of granite available in the market place today. All photos used are copyright their respective owners. Granite and quartz both offer beautiful design, consistency and durability, but there are pros and cons of both granite and quartz. Granite is cheaper than quartz. While 2cm counters are used in bathrooms, 3cm materials are preferred for the kitchen, utility areas and anywhere heavy objects will be placed. Granite is formed from molten minerals, which means it is naturally impervious to damage from high temperatures. There is a decided advantage here to quartz over granite, though both materials are very durable. Two of the industry leaders are granite which is a natural stone, and quartz which is an engineered stone. Many shoppers assume that quartz is the most environmentally friendly countertop because it can be manufactured near where it is sold. The use of your kitchen or project area will determine these values. The sealants used for granite decreases the risk of stains; however, it also results in an increased risk of heat damaging your countertop. You have to decide which is best for your home or project based off actual facts of each material. Granite is an igneous rock. A dish could fall out of a cabinet, or you could drop a hot pot, or whack the corner or edge of a counter, resulting in a chip. Get daily tips and tricks for making your best home. Quartz countertops are created using a technology that mimics the formation of natural granite under the Earth’s surface. However, you should be aware that the stone will dull knives; therefore, always using a cutting board when cutting. The cost of granite ranges from $30 to $200 per square foot, including installation. In fact, quartz is nearly indestructible, and because it isn’t porous like granite, it’s easy to keep your countertops relatively bacteria-free. Granite and quartz countertops provide homeowners with years of enjoyment, performance, and beauty; however, each type of countertop has its weaknesses, appearances, and costs that should be considered when purchasing either granite or quartz countertops for your home. Although there are repair kits available for quartz chips, the repairs are more complicated. To remove a stain you will need a quartz safe product made specifically for quartz. A 36-inch countertop is approximately 100 pounds. Granite vs. Quartz. Getting the kitchen of your dreams means including large windows to allow sunlight to stream into your living spaces. Tile vs. Slab: Quartz is made only in slabs. Quartz vs. granite countertops is a heated debate among interior designers, but whether one material is better than the other comes down to what your home needs from a countertop. Thicker materials cost more. You can cut directly on granite without worrying about scoring or scratching the surface. Quartz, on the other hand, will fade quickly when exposed to direct sunlight, especially if the quartz is a darker color. Granite is made of composite minerals including quartz and feldspar. Rinse using clean water and then dry with a soft towel and buff to ensure a beautiful sheen. Luckily, you can minimize the risk of stains by sealing your granite countertops one or two times per year. If scratches do occur on your granite, they are typically more noticeable. Quartz will stain with colorful liquid if it is left on for extremely long periods of time. And granite slabs may have inherent flaws that make them prone to cracking. No question about it: Both granite and quartz are premium, high-dollar countertop materials. This grease will soak into the pours of your countertops causing a grease stain which is not very pleasant. In the words of the EPA: "It is extremely unlikely that radiation from granite countertops would increase annual radiation doses above normal, natural background levels.". However, the quartz powder must be quarried and then crushed. Smelly Granite Countertops? Quartz vs Granite, which is best for your countertop project? Granite mining leaves a permanent mark on landscapes and contributes to deforestation. Both surfaces should be cleaned daily using either a mild household cleaner or soap and water. Both granite and quartz (engineered stone) are premium countertop materials that add real estate value to a home. Granite and quartz are extremely heavy. The reason granite can stain is that it is porous. Protecting your quartz countertops from heat is very important and easy to do. Granite vs. Quartz: Additional Factors . Granite is a hard igneous rock made of volcanic material. You can access the entire series here. Granite’s natural beauty, sweeping swirls and gorgeous veining aren’t easy to replicate, even with today’s advanced machinery. Countertops must stand up to almost daily usage of cutting fruits, vegetables, and proteins, hot pots and pans, heavy mixing bowls, and small appliances, such as crockpots, toaster ovens, blenders, and stand mixers, which is why you need a countertop that will withstand the demands of a kitchen. Granite is not an eco-friendly surface choice. There are many kinds of countertops that you can install yourself; however, unless you are installing a very small bathroom countertop, you should leave granite and quartz countertop installations to the professionals. Quartz is manufactured using resins and ground quartz. Granite countertops have risen top popularity over the past few decades, while marble countertops have been a focal point of homes for years on end. Granite Countertop Comparison Guide, Solid Surface Countertops vs. Quartz Countertops, Granite Bathroom Counters For the Bathroom, Quartz Countertops: All the Basics of This Stone Substitute, Corian vs. Silestone: What to Know Before You Buy. Quartz can be produced to look like granite or marble. Both materials have their advantages and disadvantages, but both are equally beautiful and stylish. Granite comes in almost every color combination imaginable. Quartz is another countertop material which continues to rise in popularity in the kitchen design scene. Stone and engineered stone countertops are all the rage these days. Pans collect grease which will dull the finish of your granite countertops. Granite typically has natural variations in the stone with colors ranging from greens, reds, whites, blacks, browns, and blues. Granite is a natural stone found in kitchens around the world. Avoid damaging your quartz countertops by always using a cutting board. Granite Countertops. A great deal of energy is required to mine, cut, deliver, and install dense, heavy granite surfaces. Quartz Cons. If you're unsure which of these materials is best for you, use this simple quartz vs. granite guide to help inform your decision. Quartz countertops, as an engineered product, are more uniform in appearance, though many colors and unique patterns are available, including forms that do not resemble granite at all. Quartz vs. granite comes down to two things: stain resistance and looks. Granite appeals to people who like all-natural materials, while quartz offers easier maintenance and slightly better durability. What is better, Granite Vs Quartz ? For this reason sealing your granite countertops is of extreme importance. I started this countertop resource for 1 main reason. Some additional costs you may see are cutting boards made from your countertop material, lazy susans made from your countertop material, kitchen sinks, vanity sinks, etc. If the chosen quartz has many patterns or colors, it could be a bit trickier to hide the seams. This page is part of the affordable kitchen remodeling series, created to help homeowners design an elegant kitchen that fits their budget. The choice here is a matter of personal preference. An additional, daily, soapy wash will help keep it clean generally, and aside from that, it won’t need much else. After all, quartz and granite are each loudly touted by their respective manufacturers as being purely natural, straight from the earth, hard as stone. How does sunlight affect granite or quartz countertops? Like granite, quartz seams are still obvious. Quartz is an engineered stone consisting of approximately 95 percent natural ground quartz combined and 5 percent polymer resin. Granite vs. Marble vs. Quartz Countertops: Which Is Right for You? Granite tile costs are 40% to 70% less than slabs. If you are on a budget, these are not the countertop materials for you. If you like the material you use then it is likely that someone else will too. Which is more expensive quartz or granite? The countertops in your kitchen take a lot of abuse. Granite is a relatively porous stone that requires sealing upon installation, then periodic sealing on an ongoing basis. Visit any home improvement store and find a granite repair kit to fix it yourself. If you are an avid cooker who is used to setting hot pots or pans on your countertop surface then you should likely steer toward granite countertops or work towards changing some habits so that you will not harm your quartz countertops. Your personality and habits should dictate the countertop material you choose for your kitchen. This igneous rock is made up of a variety of minerals, including feldspar, quartz, amphiboles, and mica. Quartz manufacturers add pigment to the quartz and resin to create almost any color imaginable. No two sections of granite are the same, just like quartz. Considerations Like granite, quartz also has some downsides to factor in. These blocks are then sawn into slabs and finally polished to create the sheen enjoyed with granite countertops. Are you wondering how to clean Granite, Marble, or Quartz? All three materials, granite, marble, and quartz, make beautiful countertops. Granite is a stone slab that does not fade when exposed to direct sunlight for long periods. Thank you for being that audience! I have been in the granite business for many years and have worked my way up from an installer helper to an installer and then a countertop business owner. The price differences depend on the style chosen, as well as on the type of edging treatments requested. Each piece of granite differs slightly in color and pattern, providing you with a unique countertop. The cost of granite ranges from $30 to $200 per square foot, including installation. All of these products are container-shipped across oceans, and this is dependent on petroleum prices. However, with proper care, these issues are very minor with either material. When it comes to granite vs. quartz costs, there is no clear winner. This natural stone offers gorgeous coloration, durability, and warmth in your kitchen. Quartzite vs Granite Durability Due to the metamorphic process, the intense pressure and heat that it undergoes makes quartzite a very strong material, even harder than granite. Granite VS Quartz. Once mined, granite is polished to a beautiful finish. In the area of kitchen countertops, there are many materials from which to choose. The mineral composition in granite determines the colors in the stone. Both quartz and granite offer beautiful texture and long-lasting durability for kitchen and bathroom surfaces. If a chip or crack occurs, it is best to leave the repairs to a professional to ensure a flawless finish. While quartz vs granite is more stain-resistant, it’s not entirely safe against long-term exposure. The resale of quartz countertops in your home is most likely to be much higher compared to granite due to the fact that quartz countertops are the more popular option currently. By some reports, quartz is also less susceptible to harboring bacteria, again thanks to the resins that make the surface less porous. 8 Surprising Things About Quartz (Engineered Stone) Countertops, Pros and Cons of Popular Bathroom Countertop Materials, Corian Solid Surface vs. Whether you’re getting a new home built or remodeling your current home and you are having difficulty deciding between the two, we are here to help. If you prefer the appearance of natural stone, it may be wise to choose granite. Choosing between quartz and granite is a personal choice. Additionally, many manufacturing facilities boast that recycled materials and water conservation makes quartz an environmentally friendly countertop option. If you want to read more on these two types of countertops check out the individual pages in quartz and granite. Quartz is more eco-friendly than granite, but to what extent this is so varies. This is not an easy decision because the distinction between the two countertop materials isn't apparent. As with any trend this can change, so I think it is important to use what ever material you like the most so that you enjoy the look in your own home. As it is an igneous rock, granite is also porous. Quartz, on the other hand, is a man-made material that is made from 95% ground Quartz and 5% polymer resins. Because countertops and other home surfaces are such a significant addition, you will want to decide on a material you will enjoy not only now, but in the future. Jonathan Smith is a countertop professional who has experience in many different types of countertops. The kitchen of your dreams is something that can easily be achieved. The ‘magic’ of quartz comes from the resin that is used to make it. Unfortunately, quartz can melt or warp when exposed to high temperatures. CountertopAdvisor.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. In your eagerness to choose a countertop for your kitchen or bath, you have narrowed it down to two materials: quartz (engineered stone) vs. granite (natural stone). This guide will discuss the differences between quartz and granite countertops and the best qualities of each type of stone, so you can determine which is the best choice for you. Because of this, quartz is very durable and hard allowing it to be used as a stone. The cost of the material is based on the quality of the material, where the product was mined and/or manufactured, and the rarity of the coloration. It’s made of up to 50% crushed quartz (by volume), 25% silica and other stone, while another 25% is the resin used to bind it all together. Quartz, on the other hand, costs between $45 and $175 per square foot, including installation. That reason is that there are no countertop websites with all the correct information and none of them are from an industry expert like myself. Anatolia Granite and Marble in Knoxville, TN performed a Stain and Burn Test in this video. Price will not be the only factor that determines whether you complete your home remodeling project using granite or quartz. The use of trivets will aide in protecting your quartz countertops. Granite will not fade or discolor with high temperatures. Quartz looks like stone; however, it can be customized to the unique color scheme in your home. Stain Resistance “The results of our staining test carry the most weight in our countertop ratings,” Regan says. The colored liquid will soak into the pours of the granite or other natural stone and almost attach permanently. In this granite vs. quartz post, we will explore some of the similarities and differences as we compare natural granite with engineered quartz. It is best to have a pro fabricate and install your countertop. If you truly want the look of natural stone, then choose the truly natural product—granite. The one advantage that granite has over an engineered stone is that every granite slab is slightly different in mineral pattern and color, meaning that your countertop will be unique. Granite can crack, stain, scratch, chip or even break easier than engineered stone. But don’t be confused because these … The adhesives used during quartz countertop production creates a non-porous, stain-resistant countertop, which results in a low maintenance countertop. Here’s What to Do, Cambria Quartz Colors (Find Your Cambria Color). Quartz countertops can be manufactured to look like they are natural; however, they are engineered. Both granite and quartz are easy to wipe clean, but granite requires re-sealing occasionally to protect it and keep it looking beautiful. Both granite and quartz countertops look amazing, but do you wonder if one surface is more durable than the other? For a time, beginning around 2008, there was some media-induced fear regarding radon emissions from granite countertops, but recent studies report that there is little or no radon coming from either granite or engineered stone countertops. Quartz is the marketing term for what is more widely known as engineered stone, itself a term for a slurry of natural minerals combined with resins to create a hard, rock-like surface for countertops.
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