Ask Your Question Fast! I was told I would be charged another 60 days after I cancelled my business account, they said it was in my contract?? They’ll tell you that you can only get discounts by keeping TV. So you need to remove them. More Less. Streaming video can really add up. The best way to get in touch is to call Comcast at 1-800-XFINITY (1-800-934-6489). So you want to cancel Comcast. a north korea ? Saying you’re moving to Philly isn’t going to work. My parents live in a non-Comcast area so I used their address. But if you want more, there are a number of streaming services that can greatly enhance your viewing options should you get rid of cable. I said can’t I fax or email it somewhere tonight she said no you would not want someone to see it that shouldn’t. Now, in 2016, my 86 yr old mother cannot cancel the service because she has no authority to do so. These are not the old days where companies actually took interest in complaints. The answer is nowhere. I was able to get in talk to someone in retention, cancel my account, find out what they thought I had (equipment), and was pleasant (at least with retention. Good luck! If you’d rather just negotiate a lower rate with them, you can always have BillFixers do it for you. Given how easy the streaming services make joining and quitting, it actually might be silly not to do this. Followed the steps, pleasant as I’ve ever been – and I’ve documented EVERYTHING! If you’re just cancelling TV or phone service, but keeping internet, they won’t give you a good deal on the first call. Plus, you might find out they didn’t cancel your TV at all. I have checked all the options, but nothing is helpful for me. I seldom use the service and I would prefer to cancel. I will be getting direct tv, I know they are a rip off as well but they offer WAY more for the money. Once you have a list of everything you need back, document, document, document. That brings us to the final step: confirming everything went through correctly. More details to follow below. To get started, you need to find out which companies offer internet service in your area. Let's conquer your financial goals together...faster. Successfully canceled service in under 15 minutes. Optional method: Computer users who have problems with redirect removal can reset their Mozilla Firefox settings. In the same way that you don't get cheaper fries at McDonald's if you promise not to use any ketchup because you brought your own, Comcast can't remove a legally required fee, even if they had a way to validate that you weren't using it. Dear client Comcast Cable Communications inc., congratulations! We were told a “ticket” was made to investigate and we’d be contacted within 72 hrs. Definitely possible, although it can be difficult! I didn’t make any payments for the past 2 months knowing the deposit could offset the balance. However, if you’re with Comcast paying for 150 channels and you switch to Verizon as a new customer and get their 150-channel plan, for example, you could still end up saving money, without necessarily having to get rid of all your channels. Get rid of comcast channel display? Personally, I recommend saying you’re moving out of the country. Get them to send you emails about the cancellation, get them to give you a tracking number, have someone at the Comcast store give you their ID number. I’m hoping Sri Lanka is nice this time of year – as that’s where I said I was moving to :-p. My dad is the only authorized user on the Comcast Acct. Just shoot us an email at [email protected] and we’ll get you set up. If you’re not cancelling the service entirely, call back anyway. It was enough to make me take another look at my $185.94 monthly payment to Comcast for Xfinity Internet and TV. You’re probably dreading it (and with good reason.) Take photos of all the equipment, including serial numbers. Once everything is done, call Comcast back and ask them the status of the account. We've compiled everything we know about saving money into a handy do-it-yourself guide that we'll send right to your inbox. Congratulations! In 2015, The Verge leaked a Comcast employee manual. To maximize that, it's worth remembering that all of the major streaming services operate on a month-to-month basis. Now, however, the choice is no longer between paying for cable or suffering through fuzzy programming dependent upon adjusting rabbit-ear antennas. Seems like most of these would need internet to stream. ‘Courtesy’ – riiiight… This is malarkey. I kept telling her i am leaving tomorrow and do not know if I can make it. One of Comcast’s favorite tricks is to have unreturned equipment on the account. Consider a skinny bundle.7. Get them to send you emails about the cancellation, get them to give you a tracking number, have someone at the Comcast store give you their ID number. Is there any way to dispute the fee? If your Comcast channels switched to Spanish at some point, it can be frustrating, but there's an easy fix. Hulu offers current and past seasons of network programming along with its own originals for under $10 a month. Happy to take care of it. I really do not think this bill not getting paid or the equipment not being returned will affect my dead brother in laws credit or chances of getting cable. Even a top-tier Roku player only costs $129.99, and most people will be just fine with the cheaper devices. But when I try to login into my email account, I am failing to access the account. I called to ask what equipment needs to go back because they have a lot of old stuff most companies would not want. There are a lot of Comcast cable modems leased by residential and business customers. Okay, good, you’ve said you want to cancel your xfinity service, you’re speaking to the Comcast retention department, now what? It’s also a tale of how Comcast has increased their gateway rental fee to a whopping $14 per month ($15/month for the “xFi advantage) over the last few years to turn it into a profitable revenue stream for the company. They monitor your computer screen constantly. Learn about some of the new features that set PFM apps apart. Could you guys please cancel mine. Chances are you will never know how their billing system works. However, the number I was provided with, I had to wait 15 minutes and then it would just disconnect on me. Will Netflix's Latest Price Increase Go Over Better Than the Last? Just make sure you’re moving out of Comcast territory. Ask them if your service is completely cancelled. New personal financial management apps are changing the way people interact with their money. Bottomline, comcast makes it impossible for anyone to cancel to a point to giving customers fake phone number only to disconnect on them. Whether you’re technically cancelling Comcast or Xfinity, we’re going to walk you through a foolproof way of cancelling your service. It’s not easy to cut the cord, but if you follow those (not so easy) steps, you’ll be all set. Doesn’t a contract work both ways? I asked to be transferred to customer retention, and I was advise that I was already speaking to right department. After telling the agent I was moving out of the country (he didn’t ask where), it was a very straightforward process. If you aren’t told that it is, get them to finish everything up and then call back again. Well, have no fear. You can get a good HD antenna for less than $40, and like with a regular antenna, there are no subscription fees. A couple quick questions and he processed the cancellation without any hassle. It’s too much work! If you would like to get a sense of how it all works, you can download the Xfinity Stream App onto your mobile device from Google Play or the Apple Store. Comcast made them take down the manual, but we caught that list of reasons why you can cancel Comcast before it was taken down. Whether you’re returning a modem, digital adaptors, or even a remote, Comcast, charge you if you don’t return it the way they want. 1. What are they going to do, go after the deceased? If you’re dropping them at a UPS store, take a picture. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. It seems they would cooperate a little more if they want any of it or payment seeing as the name on the bill is my sisters husband who has been dead 6 years. There’s a good chance that they mess something up and the only way to contest it is evidence. Let’s get started! Decide what you actually want to watch.5. I’ve had a long history dealing with comcast. You can do like Ken did and say you’re moving to England. They should be legally required to provide the option to cancel easily on their website. Emphasize that you’re moving out of the service area, which will definitely help! I work and travel a lot so my cell phone is my life. You can now spend less without sacrificing much in the way of programming. On the address bar type to sign in with your username and password. I’m sending it to several buddies ans also sharing in delicious. But saying you’re moving to a non-Comcast area is the secret to cancelling your Comcast service. First things first, ask Comcast what equipment they have on file as you owning and write it down. Buh-bye Comcast!  Or, have a little fun with it–Timbuktu, Pulau, Liechtenstein–feel free to make up whatever you want. Question: Q: Help me get rid of a Comcast Xfinity pop up window that just will not go away! We negotiate with Comcast to get you a better rate without losing any service, guaranteed. One of the most dangerous parts of cancelling service with Comcast is how to the return Comcast equipment. I tried cancelling tv only and they wanted to charge me 75$/month for the same internet I have now, 20meg +blast +digitalcable for 79.99. ask them if they can give you a promo rate for double play and get the basic cable plan. I really don’t know my legal course of action. Their menus can be confusing, but don’t be discouraged. I don’t believe it’s a scam, we’ve been getting the same message the last few days. They definitely hold their ground in some instances, though sometimes supervisors or the corporate office can waive the ETF. I received the condescending response that they were sorry I was unaware of this policy. It took 7 minutes. That brings us to the final step: confirming everything went through correctly. Regardless of your situation, unless you are going into the military, if you have a contract, YOU’RE PAYING to cancel. Always get a name and a ticket number for reference for that days call/actions 6. Get an HDTV antenna.4. So buyer beware. Buy streaming devices.6. Pick your story and stick to it. The rep you’re talking to isn’t the reason you got charged too much and you’re better off swallowing your complaints and sticking to the plan. With a good agent, you should have no problem finding a resolution which is mutually beneficial. In many cases, in order to get the best deal, they sign a two-year contract that enforces penalties for leaving early. Always be pleasant 2. I managed to cancel after a LONG phone call, and even tried to have the service transferred. But please don’t ever call in demanding things, yelling at people or demanding a supervisor…these things will not happen and you will not end the call with the results you are looking for. Because I’m not the name on the account they won’t fix the problem, that’s really fine with me since I don’t use it enough to warrant the outrageous fee. All that aside from the fact I’ve replaced my wifi box twice within the last 5 months and my service STILL sucks!!  do it for you. And thanks for the advice! I think I would like you to negotiate with Comcast. It’s tempting to tell the rep all the reasons you’re actually cancelling your Comcast/Xfinity service. Community Experts online right now. If not I’ll get over it, I’ll be happy just by not having to send them any more of my $. I signed up one year contract with them and put down $100 deposit a year ago. Sign up to get our guide and we'll keep you up to date with the latest tips and tricks. I said what if I can’t make it. Classic Comcast! I received the email confirmation of my disconnect – it had the dated I was cancelling. In menu settings, you can adjust the language of the audio you hear, the language in the menus you see on the screen or the default language you use when interacting with the voice remote. This is fairly inexpensive, with devices like Amazon's (NASDAQ:AMZN) Fire TV Stick coming in under $40, and Google's Chromecast being sold for $35. Should take 2 weeks. Since it’s not my name on the bill. She is old, has altzheimers, and we weren't aware she killed her copper phone line. They’ll try to get you to call back and cancel another day. Don’t buy into whatever deals that they try to sell you. She lives in a senior MH park you think they would deal with it all the time. Ive reprted the problem several times to them warning that i can hear everything. The more evidence you have, the better. When you get there, explain that you want to get a refund and support your claim with reasons—prepaid months you won’t use, service interruptions, or double charges. I have this adware ad that pops up and I can't get rid of it. If you live in a market where you can pick up the major broadcast networks with an HDTV antenna, that may be enough for you. Call retention, say you’re moving out of the country, stay firm and be friendly, return all the equipment, and double check, If you do all of that, you might just get out of the clutches after all. They will disconnect the service in 48 hours. Isn’t it amazing that we have to be bothered with such a feudal, insulting, dehumanizing process? I’d recommend speaking specifically to the retention department (or their corporate teams) and ask a few people nicely! He said that’s just how they do it. Whether you’re technically cancelling Comcast or Xfinity, we’re going to walk you through a foolproof way of cancelling your service. Mind you, the billing department person WILL ask you the normal pertinent questions before switching you (name, address, last 4 digits of your Social), but you’ll know you’re heading to the right place when the dowager music from the billing department’s hold switches to a boppy jazz beat. Don’t listen to them. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. Though it can depend on the terms of your contact, in our experience Comcast will generally waive the early termination fee in that situation. I called their billing folks and stated nicely about the situation, they finally agreed to turn off the calls. how come no one has got in touch with BBB. Assuming you decide you want to subscribe to one or more of the streaming services, and that you actually want to watch their programming on a television, you'll need one or more streaming devices. We’d love to help. 1. Fantastic Website. They will not change this date even after you turn in your equipment and make what you think is your final payment. Reminds me of this company (by the credit card) who used to call me and the moment I would tell the live customer service to stop calling me, they would hang up on me (so much for do not call list). On the upper left you can see icon for email. I have this adware ad that pops up and I can't get rid of it. We decided to move service providers due to a long history of technical issues without resolution (aside from recommended upgrades & new contracts). The CSR had a few questions but was very nice. For instance, right now it says "TBS EAST" in green and underneath is says "Family guy" in white. Just a thought. We would like to thank you for your loyalty to Comcast Cable Communications inc., and thus we offer you an exclusive chance to get a Walmart $1000 Gift Card today - December 28 (Friday), 2018. Request a Comcast Refund in a Local Store. If you listened to us, you probably. The most prominent of these, DISH's Sling TV, offers roughly 20 popular cable channels for $20. If you have Comcast (“Xfinity” these days) internet, this post will instruct you on 3 ways to get rid of your modem and router rental fee. I had to threaten to get the attorney general involved before they would cut off service while I was on the phone and force the system to update to show that they now owed me a credit. The rep you’re talking to isn’t the reason you got charged too much and you’re better off swallowing your complaints and sticking to the plan. This will often include one or two big names like Comcast, AT&T, or Time Warner, along with smaller local providers or DSL service resellers. The technician was able to see the number of time service has gone up and down over the last 45 days. You should get a plan with unlimited data, if available, which can cost more than data-limited plans. In 2015, The Verge leaked a Comcast employee manual that gave the reasons why you can cancel service.  Or, have a little fun with it–Timbuktu, Pulau, Liechtenstein–feel free to make up whatever you want. I didn’t have to confirm service at my new address. On the upper left you can see icon for email. It's also important to return all of your equipment (and get a receipt), because the pay-TV providers will happily keep billing you if you do not. No need to talk to any support specialist over phone. Having an address selected in a non-Comcast area made the cancellation easy. They don’t want to loose a customer, by hook or by crook. If you do all of that, you might just get out of the clutches after all. You can pay for access to all games per season, or just your team’s games per season. I spoke with an individual in the “Customer Solutions” department. Here are the steps to cutting the cord and finally getting rid of Comcast, Charter, AT&T, Verizon, and DISH (at least its full-price service) for good. You may have forgotten that last year they signed you up with “free” TV service that came with a digital adaptor you put in the back of a closet somewhere. I just called and talked to a nice rep and said that I was moving to Germany and he asked a bunch of questions and then said that I still had to pay the ETF. The call took 19 mins, as I was being pleasant and getting details on my equipment, termination fees, etc. That's well less than what most people pay for a full cable package for a service that includes ESPN, TBS, TNT, Cartoon Network, and a lot of other popular choices.
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