It can also be found in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia. The veneers shown below were sliced from a tree found in the Yunnan province of China. By clicking “SUBSCRIBE,” I agree to receiving marketing and promotional materials from Oakwood Veneer Company. Plain Sliced. Half Round Sliced Veneers. The tree is sliced up into thin sheets of wood called flinches. The tight growth rings are quite visible and produce uniform straight to wavy lines. Please use the portrait orientation for reviewing additional information . Corporate/Sales Offices: 6291 Orangethorpe Ave. Buena Park, CA 90620-1377 . ... Veneer 101; Subscribe to our mailing list. It is also known as Flat Cut Fir, British Columbian Pine, Columbian Pine and Oregon Pine. Domestic Veneer The term domestic veneer applies to those wood species that grow on the North American continent, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands etc. And make GL Veneer your wood veneer supplier today. 99. The short answer for here is: Flat cut or plain sliced veneer is a lot more work and a lot more involved from tree to cabinet, so it … In flat sawn pieces, (typically seen in rotary-sliced veneers), the wood can exhibit wild grain patterns. fir-douglas The vivid, contrasting red-yellow stripe is typically straight, even, and seldom, if ever, figured. FAX: 714-994-6971. Entire log is peeled producing a continuous ribbon of veneer. Usually a light brown color with a hint of red and/or yellow, with darker growth rings. Fumed Aspen Figured Quarter Cut. ... Olive Ash Figured Plain Sliced. Like us on Facebook! Architectural Veneers International (AVI) is an architectural wood veneer company specializing in procuring the finest architectural grade veneers in the world. Rotary. Plain (or flat) sliced veneer is created by mounting a half log with the heart side floating against the guide plate of a slicer. GL Veneer has custom produced thou-sands of these European Walnut Butcher Block in 4x8s and 4x10s for your next project. Contemporary White Oak Flush Door, Mix of Plain / Rift / Quarter Sliced Sketch Face Veneers, Horizontal Grain Plain Sliced Book and Balance Select White Maple Veneer Wood Flush Door Natural Birch Flush Door, Plain Sliced Book Match Veneers with Heartwood and Color Streaks Vertical Grain Douglas Fir veneer available in 4′ x 8′, 4′ x 10′ and 8′ x 4′ sizes as FlexVen™ 10, FlexVen™ 20 or cross grain paper backed veneer sheets with a PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) option. Slicing Methods Rotary Cut. The slicing is done parallel to a line through the center of the log, producing a variegated figure. MOLDED PANEL Plain Sliced Red Oak Plain Sliced Walnut Plain Sliced White Maple Rotary Natural Birch Rotary White Birch Rotary White Maple Uniform Light-Birch Verticle Grain Fir Plain Sliced veneer produces a cathedral grain pattern, similar to the pattern produced when plain sawn lumber is produced. Douglas Fir wood Veneer. 1 . Generally found in quarter cut, more veneer and plywood are made from this species than any other. Douglas Fir Wood Veneer has a light reddish brown tone and has a high contrast between the earlywood and latewood. The Forest Products Laboratory, Forest Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, is maintained Materials from high-quality wood veneer manufacturers come from prime sources. Quality: Veneer doors have the same level of quality as other door types. Hardwood domestic veneer that is intended to be sold in the North American and Export markets is sliced from 1/45" to 1/55" these days. Using our simple search filters, quickly explore more than 200 wood species, from the most common to the most exotic wood veneer sheets, to find the perfect material for your job. Domestic, Exotic, & Burl Flexible Wood Veneer. Douglas Fir Wood Veneer has a light reddish brown tone and has a high contrast between the earlywood and latewood. hd2416; Fir, Douglas; Quarter Sliced Non-Figured; 158" 7 - 7.3" 0.024; 375' Price Upon Request; See tally for Sequence . BVC 16W273 83rd St, Suite A-1 Burr Ridge, IL 60527 630-541-8312 Species Description Link to Page; Amazon Lacewood : Rift: Click Here: Anigre : Figured: Click Here: Anigre : Plain QTR's: Click Here: Anigre : Plain Flat cut : Click Here We are dedicated to help both clients and designers choose from our extensive inventory of wood veneer options, including some of the most unique flitches ever seen! Quartersawn, rift sawn, and plain sawn or flat sawn all have to do with the way the wood is cut in relation to the grain, as thouser mentioned. Veneers are available in a wide array of colors and styles. Douglas Fir is primarily found in the United States and Canada. FREE Shipping. Cherry – Plain Sliced Cherry – Rustic. Maple Plain Sliced. Douglas Fir – Vertical Grain Beech – European Steamed Hickory – Plain Slice Calico Hickory – Rustic Maple – Natural ... Veneer core offers great strength and stability with better spanning properties than either PBC or MDF. Email: Quarter Sliced. Douglas Fir, also called Oregon Pine or blue Douglas fir, is grown in Colorado, Oregon, the Rocky Mountains among other US states and in Canada. Maple Veneer Sheet Plain Sliced 4' x 8' 2-Ply Wood on Wood. Douglas Fir Wood Veneer has a light reddish brown tone and has a high contrast between the earlywood and latewood. Indeed, in the U.K., when the veneer is produced from grown trees in North America they usually refer to it as Oregon or B.C. Douglas fir darkens in color with exposure to light. Mozambique Figured. All rights reservedSitemap, Fir Veneer - Douglas Vertical Grain/Quartered, Architects & Designers - Design Smart Veneer, Fir Veneer - Douglas Vertical Grain/Quartered Panels, Fir Douglas - V-Tec Veneer - Quartered Panels. Douglas Fir Veneer Sheet Vertical Grain 4' x 8' 2-Ply Wood on Wood. Veneer leaves are kept in order as they are cut from the log to ensure a consistent appearance, making sliced veneer generally more prized than rotary cut veneer. The quartersawn veneers have an even grain with fine and evenly spaced vertical stripes.
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