If the disc has grime or dirt on it, isopropyl alcohol can be used to safely remove it. The DVD player makes a sound like it is ejecting a disc. If its anything like the j5900 on the bottom of the player under the disc try there should be a semi arch cutout (looks like a paranthesis) this accesses a small wheel that can be manipulated to actuate the sled. "This item is faulty. Thanks in advanced. According to numerous bug reports from users around the world, Samsung Blu-ray player… One of the ways to turn off the auto eject annoyance is to disable the built in Windows CD/DVD disc burning feature. Specifications are subject to change without notice. By the way it is My Samsung BD-57C just started doing the same thing about an hour ago. If your Samsung DVD player tends to eject the DVD when you put it in, this suggests some sort of damage either to the player or the disk. If the disc skips or sounds scratchy, it needs to be cleaned. When I try to click on a dvd drive, which has a DVD inside. My CD/DVD Drive keeps ejecting discs - Answered by a verified Tech Support Specialist We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. i dont even use DVD rom. I actually have two (2) Apex DVD players (a 600A and 1201) where I hit the open button, the tray comes out, and then the tray usually goes right back Apex DVD player has disc tray that keeps opening/closing - VideoHelp Forum Now I can insert the disc and closed the tray and the DVD player can play movie. hi i have a samsung dvd-vr350m plays discs but does not recognise any type of blank recordable discs i put in keeps coming up with "this disc cannot be played or recorded"-- in the menu options for recording the dubbing features Unplug the power cord of the DVD player from the electrical outlet. CD/DVD Drive keeps ejecting media device manger dvd drive is enable but whenever I try to play cd, it always reject. DVD Drive keeps opening by itself Jump to solution Hi Since I purchased my Dell computer in December the disc drive keeps opening by itself regardless of whether or not there is a CD in it. DVD drive keeps ejecting Hello: My wife put a CD into her drive I have no idea what she did then, and neither has she :-), and after she took it out, the drive keeps ejecting. Disc is not compatible or readable HD-DVD … Soooo frustrating! I close it and it ejects again and repeatedly. Why Does My CD Player Keep Ejecting the Disc? If I push the open/eject button it just says opening and never opens … By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described … IMPORTANT: Before following the steps below, check to see if a firmware update is available for the Blu-ray Disc® player that may resolve this issue. hello i am using HP pavilion dv6-7104ea, i am using windows 7 64 bit. If after servicing the switch and the problem still the same then the only choice you have is to direct replace the switch and retest. If it does that to all disks, you need to replace it or open it up and clean the pickup heads to see if that would fix the issue. As soon as it receives power, it starts clicking and buzzing as if it's trying to load a disc. It doesn't matter which of my DVD drives nor which DVD disc is used. While every attempt has been made by RepoGuys in the production of these specifications, possible errors or omissions may still occur. the dvd drive accepts discs (both dvds and cds) it spins up like its gonna read the disc, then stops spinning then spins back up, it does this a couple times then it ejects the disc on its own. To no avail, we are having the same problem. Nothing is displayed on the TV. Samsung Blu-ray Player is a good assistant to play Blu ray disc, but more and more users complain that they can’t play Blu ray disc on Samsung Blu-ray Player, or meet many other troubles. try it. To determine if the problem lies with the disc or with the DVD player, the DVD player should be tested using several different DVDs. my problem is i my laptop's DVD tray keeps opening without any reason, sometimes it opens when i start my laptop and sometimes middle of the use like surfing or anything else. Please reply if you have answer for it. The player keeps saying that it is loading and then eventually shuts off. If the bad disc but still it keeps ejecting itself. My BD-c6500 Blu-ray palyer will not eject or play a disc. Get access to helpful solutions, how-to guides, owners' manuals, and product specifications for your 2015 Blu-ray Disc Player (JM57 Series) from Samsung US Support. RE: DVD player making noise and not ejecting disc Jump to solution The optical drive may -or not- have a small opening where you insert the end of a paperclip to release the tray when you can't eject the disk by the normal eject button or with software. I put a blue ray dvd in my hdmi blueray player and it just ejects it. Other than replacing I changed batteries in the By Staff Writer Last Updated Apr 11, 2020 8:02:11 AM ET CD players sometimes eject discs without playing them because the CD is not the proper format for the machine, there is dust in the machine, the CD player's laser is defective or the disc has not been inserted correctly. Rotating Not great if you use integrated burning, but it doesn’t disable burning on your RW drive altogether and therefore you’re still able to … If the slide-out tray doesn’t work, clean the disc… in disk utility the dvd drive still shows up, so the computer still recognizes the drive, whats wrong with it? Why is the DVD Tray keeps opening even I'm pushing it back then it would eject on its own.. Cd drive keeps ejecting disc instead of burning it 12-05-2016 08:33 AM I am trying g to burn some CD' s from some old children's records which I transferred to my computer. Blu-ray Disc player BDP9000/37 My Philips player keeps on ejecting the disc There are two possible reasons on why the Blu-Ray will eject the disc: 1. Allow the DVD player … Did you try more than one? At some point, we got the message "Files are waiting to be written to the drive/disk" or something similar. Anyone have any idea why, and what to do? One day out of nowhere the DVD drive started ejecting. When a disc is inserted, it ejects it back out within a few seconds. How to Open a CD/DVD/BD Drive...With a Paper Clip It sounds strange, yes, but most computer optical drives, including external ones and those you'll find in your game systems like Xbox and PlayStation, have a tiny pinhole that's designed as a last resort method to get the drive bay open. it's a internal problem, still do one thing, first clean the drive, you can do it manually, by opening it, then cleaning the lens very carefully, or using a clean cd drive cd. MacBook Pro SuperDrive Keeps Ejecting CD/DVD Discs is another regularly complained issue which in most cases has no actual hardware failure.Fix it in DIY style. So, Windows doesn't recognize the DVDs (or CDS or … My mac mini just keeps ejecting brand new blank cd-r's. MY dvd/cd-rom drive keeps ejecting. Turn off the DVD player. If the DVD player gives you a picture but you can’t hear anything, check connections and settings on your TV set. My DVD player is completely messed up, it was working fine 2 days ago, I put in a DVD and it spat it back out, so i was like hmm, ok tried again, the same thing so I thought maybe it doesnt like Lady Vengence tried another DVD not working!!! Original Title: dvd drive This thread is locked. the player does load and play Megamind 3D disc so Im not sure if service is going to just come back and say "your discs are not supported". 1 x Samsung BD-D5500 Region Free 3D Blu-Ray DVD Player only. Follow the procedure below if the Blu-ray Disc player will not accept the disc or keeps ejecting … Follow the procedure below if the DVD player will not accept the disc or keeps ejecting discs. Im trying to copy a DVD video disc to a blank disc using Roxio Creator DE 10.2 I went through the process and it copied the DVD video disc to an image file on the HDD but when it asks me to insert a blank DVD disc, the disc keeps ejecting after i insert it. There are many reasons can cause ARGH! Genuine Samsung BD-D5500 Region Free 3D Blu-Ray DVD Player. If your Samsung Blu-ray player isn’t booting up properly, you’re not alone. My computer is running windows 7. Question: Q: my cd dvd player keeps ejecting my discs after about 30 seconds every time i insert a disc it starts to run then kicks it out after about 30 seconds. since then I've unplugged it, I blew in it ( to clear dust) still not working, it just keeps ejecting DVD's when I put them in. It wont accept any type of disc I just up graded to snow leopard 10.6.8. Downloads are posted on your model support page. We removed the fuse for a few hours.
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