You'll Almost automatically pass most others, so the warp is your oyster! Then we might have the army for you! Consider taking a weapon composition of 6 boltguns, 2 warpflamers and 1 soulreaper, the warpflamers make for good overwatch and the soulreaper makes up for the boltgun shots you lose from the flamers. From these they divine the outcomes of multiple futures, and seek out events that can be twisted to their own purpose. Someday. Results of a 5+ cause mortal wounds. 13 comments. At this point you'll have use about half your army for buff a single unit, but it's one your opponent won't soon forget. takes work and doesn't fit every list, but its doable in a pinch and can turn the game if you manage to take over the right target. Combine that with Death Hex, and the only chance the enemy has not to get auto-Spawned is some kind of save-after-the-save (which, sadly, the wretched Death Guard are lousy with). Almost offensively obvious but here we go: Winged Daemon Prince Warlord with Aetherstride, Dark Matter Crystal, two sets of malefic talons, Gaze of Fate, and Demonic Strength. Do you dream of drowning your enemies in a sea of mortal wounds? By comparison the 2 psyker secondaries are absolutely useless. Great Synergy between units in the Codex and with other Chaos Armies. Has very good synergy with a Chaos Daemons of Tzeentch detachment. Therefore its not uncommon to see Thousand sons armies having to rely on Smite spam to bring down 12-14 wound vehicles/monsters. Thematically this Cult represents the guys who aren't afraid of letting Tzeentch Gift them freely with multiple appendages and orifices. I'm a lot of you will be curious about whats coming in 9th edition for the XVth, Flyers will be able to "fly off" the board and back onto it, similar to in 7th edition, New terrain rules will make it easier to hide models - introducing Obscure tag, which apparently means (for example) you can't shoot through windows, All armies to apparently gain Outflank or some type of reserving system, List building will be changing where you spend CP to acquisition armies/detachments, Vehicles and Monsters no longer suffer -1 to hit when moving and firing heavy weapons, According to GW's live stream, units that already had this rule are getting something new. Download Codex Chaos Thousand Sons PDF/ePub or read online books in Mobi eBooks. This is the 4th update to the new Codex Compendium for 9th edition. Forgefiends are also much more durable due to +1 wound, 5+invuln, plus Infernal Regeneration, AND has access to powerful strats like Daemonforge. Predators having Split fire means you can mix N' match the weapons layout and shoot each weapons at whatever its best optimized for. 308. Magnus can take Weaver of Fates to relive the glory days of having a. Offensively, you have a good amount of options available that Magnus is more likely to pull off than your other units in addition to Smite. You will however have to use the Chaos Familiar stratagem to gain access to infernal gateway so you trade some pts for CP depending on your needs, with a familiar his first cast of the phase will be at +4 if you managed to pull this off and have him in range for Cabalistic Focus. Being a God-Specific Legion, everything must also have MARK OF TZEENTCH, before they can receive any god-specific buffs and psychic benefits. Because if you spend a command point on Daemonforge, you get to reroll ALL of your melee attacks. These guys are an excellent use of your Dark Matter Crystal. I'd sure love to run all those cheap HQ units. 5- Middle of the road. Assuming that doesnt get clarified/erattaed, thats a decent buff for normal sorcerers and turns magnus into an absolute nightmare. Have fun as most powers will auto-fail. You are now quite reliant on splat-books. On the other hand, 8th Edition has been marked by continual change, with unit entries being rewritten and tweaked constantly both in Chapter Approved, FAQ's, White Dwarf and now Psychic Awakening so take that as you will. All Grey Knights units (except Servitors) gain the Masters of the Warp ability along with Bolter Discipline and Shock Assault. save. It's just that autowounding irregardless of Toughness makes the Enlightened fundamentally more dangerous to high toughness targets, so try to shoot big things first if you can. It's FAST and can throw down with even dreadnoughts, but it struggles slightly with the unimpressive Weapon Skill of 4+ and with the MASSIVE attention it will draw from any opponent who prefers their tanks unmolested. Alongside this there has been a small release of new models (some being shared with Age of Sigmar.) The Thousand Sons are true masters of the Psychic Phase with access to a large toolkit of powers for any situation. There's nothing like the feeling of giant demonic monstrosity burning everything around it as it rips apart your enemies. Note that you can only take the relic if your warlord is from the same cult as the relic (this has been FAQ'd; you can also take the relic if Magnus is your warlord). Chapter Tactics #168: Power Ranking Every 40k Faction in 9th Edition. Instead of the Drake (or in addition to it) Magnus might be used. Listed based on your random generation rolls: A slightly retooled version of the Psychic Discipline found in Chaos Space Marines. A reaper/missile for example combo comes in at 90pts under Chapter Approved 2019 prices, which though not a significant saving compared to the 96pts and 97pts of the Plasma / Heavy Bolter Builds is still a saving that may allow you to fit in more bodies or other units. You can also cripple your army on your own, as constantly casting means a high chance of rolling Perils of the Warp and blowing yourself up. As if you needed another reason to drop a Sorcerer behind them when they deepstrike. Warhammer 40,000 Battle Report: Astra Militarum vs Thousand Sons 2000pts Tabletop Tactics September 26, 2020 17 41 17 Likes Warhammer … This makes them seriously worth considering even outside a thousand sons detachment. Thoughts on a Sons list I started working on. BLOOD FOR THE ...Oh, wait. Three Psychic Disciplines and Nine Cult powers to choose from, and multiple Psykers across the army as Sorcerers lead the rank-and file troops. ... and whatever doesn't autowound still hits at Str5 Ap-1 which is formidable. Since Daemonforge allows you to reroll all failed hits and wounds already, this relic allows you to just focus on rerolling the damage, which statistically can double the output of your Dd6 weapons. Blast Weapons: always have a minimum of 3 shots vs units with 6 models or more and max shots minimum vs units with 11 models or more. Codex Chaos Thousand Sons. What it really comes down to is if you value the range plus the overcharge shot or not. Essentially unplayable or unfunctional from a Rules As Written perspective. The Sorcerers of this cult are by their very nature deceivers, at once appearing fractured and singular in their purpose. Melee Opinion: The hammer will usually under-perform due to the accuracy debuff, but it costs as much as a pair of fists; whether you take a scourge (A8 S8 AP-2 D2 25pts) or a fist (A5 S12 AP-3 D3 20pts) depends on what you plan on fighting. share. This means Magnus can survive turn one in 9th edition! Roll 3 dice. What can we expect to see in the 9th edition codex for Thousand Sons? One of the new tactics you can employ thanks to the release of Ritual of the Damned. Interesting new addition in the codex, the aspiring sorcerer can take a Plasma Pistol. Likewise, on units with better shooting attacks, the increased offensive output is more useful. This lets the unit drop in, mulch some infantry, then warp away next turn to hit another flank. Then, during the psychic phase, just give Magnus all the buffs you can (Glamour makes him -1 to hit, Weaver gives him +1 Invul, +2 Str/+1 A from diabolic strength, healing D3 wounds by Temporal Manipulation, etc). The squad unloads 18 Str5 Ap-1 shots at 24", hitting on 1+ (re-roll 1s thanks to Sorcerer) and auto-wounding on 4+ (Guided by Fate is subject to both +1 to Hit modifiers from Shaman AND Prescience). The lack of Aircraft rules cuts both ways. As the Inferno Bolt offers a reliable AP-2. Fairly fresh sculpt-wise and also contains the first Primarch to be introduced to Modern 40k (Magnus). Magnus's 2D6 smite is your best weapon, even better than his stick - which even though is formidable, still only does 3D per hit. As Spawndom, but replace the character with a Daemon Prince of Tzeentch instead. Have a couple of Mutaliths give a 30-blob unit of Pink Horrors +2 Strength, cast Flickering Flames on the blob, and park a Daemon Prince (or just cast Prescience) and a Changecaster nearby (a Changecaster is dead easy to summon at 4 power, especially with the Sorcerous Pact). That even includes basic Rubrics. Thematically the Cult represents the lies and deceptions of Tzeentch to steal victory at the last moment. Well people I’ve played a game of 9th and it’s bad news I’m afraid: Secondary objective auto includes against thousand sons: Assassinate. How They Play Adding Daemons. Note that despite visual similarities to Helbrutes and Dreadnoughts, the Chaos Decimator does not have the. I wish the army had gotten a better book like the Death Guard did thru Psychic Awakening – … Looking for the latest updates to your codex or battletome? All Early Winners and Losers of Ninth Edition. NOTE - It's worth repeating that Hellforged Vehicles are particularly awkward in Thousand Sons armies. Analysis, October 19, 2020. You might want to take Magnus as well so that one of them gets to survive, but be careful as this might cause an unsuspecting opponent to have a stress seizure and turn into a Chaos Spawn (though only if he/she have the appropriate reinforcement points). Vast networks of mortal and daemonic spies allow the cult to oversee their plots as they unfold through assassination, possession and the wreaking of pure havoc. In addition, the unit targeted is at -1 to hit and -1 leadership until the start of their next turn. Keep in mind that even though you can 'soup' a list using the HERETIC ASTARTES Keyword, you can't give the THOUSAND SONS Legion keyword to any unit that isn't listed in their respective army lists; either in the Index: Chaos or their own codex. 30 Tzaangors deepstriking down, assaulting and attacking twice will cost you 3CPs, but that's potentially 122 attacks (less casualties). Trying to find the perfect ich between fluffy and semi competitive. Overall - not a bad choice. Only in 40k universe can you absolutely murder an Imperial Knight with a volley of arrows from a bunch of flying birdmen. This is diabolical if used right. The army allows you to manipulate the dice, the board and even your opponents units. If you have a few backfield vehicles (predators, for example) then it might be worth taking one of these guys, giving him a disc and giving him Prescience/Temporal Manipulation. Since all psykers with the Cult of Prophecy keyword can cast it, it is best used by a backline Aspiring sorcerer. Prospero would ultimately suffer the indignity of Imperial planetary bombardment a second time, ordere… - 9th Edition Ork Tactics. Possessed? In small games, chances are your opponent won't have something to deal with this gun platform. Nothing tricky or situational, and as a pistol it can even be fired into combat. First, your Warlord casts Glamour on Magnus (and Prescience onto Tzaangors). because of its sub-par WS of 4+ but very high amount of attacks, the MVB is a prime target for spells like prescience, it can also buff itself with its own vortex powers of +1 strength, -1 AP or reroll charges if desperate, they also benefit greatly from any characters that provide reroll 1's to hit, just be careful of who is providing that aura, as anyone other than Magnus will be within range of its death throes should it die, and chances are high that anyone other than a daemon prince/primarch won't survive the blast. Don't underestimate Ahriman's close combat abilities. Without any additional buffs, your odds of making these charges are 41.67% for the Tzaangor units, 47.84% for the Daemon Prince, and 72.22% for the Heldrake; you can spend CP on re-rolling to raise the Tzaangors to 65.97%. You can also give him Boon of Mutation and hope for the +1 to cast. Is also still swinging at S6 AP-3 D1d3 against other targets, which is still potent. Use Warptime to get your Heldrake in, and Gaze of Fate. Alternate take: this is the one relic that is a flat damage buff. Despite this you should get your hands on the following in the listed order: The main keywords you have to keep track of for your army are HERETIC ASTARTES, and THOUSAND SONS. Despite the lacking ballistic skill of the Forgefiend, it is superior to other Heavy support choices like the Predator in different ways. Note: FAQ states that units that arrive from reserves or have been relocated cannot move except when piling-in or charging. Thousand points. The Cult of Manipulation is deceptive, using its tendril web of influence to sway the actions of its enemies. Even Eldar will watch in envy as you cast into the double figures. Which is a con due to the fact that the models don't look at all like they belong in a 40k setting. Thanks to the wording of Devastating Sorcery in the rulebook, not only is the main target taking an extra Mortal Wound with every power, so is every unit around him. Specific battlefield applications of this power included not only foreknowledge of enemy strategy, but direct knowledge of events just abou… On the downside, It gets slower and weaker as it takes damage, so it stops being scary at low wounds(though regeneration helps ALOT as the turns go by). Potentially terrifying on Horrors. Probably hard to coordinate fire with a shrieking daemon, but it still sucks to not have. Cast Prescience for 2s to hit. I would hold on 2 beasts and scale back to 1 - it should be enough to support the gors but you're also going to want to run them as Duplicity at least to get a delivery mechanism. Now you can take large Thousand Sons squads and feel secure that even rolling badly you … Leaves me with a little under 50 points left. Doesn't have the "DAEMON" keyword oddly enough, Grey knights eat your hearts out? All in all, Thousand Sons have an extremely limited selection of FW models that they are able to field and other Chaos factions generally get to benefit from a much wider selection of FW gear. Subsequently, your HQ's are your biggest threat as well as the linchpin of your buffs; meaning most people will focus them first. This encourages you to play with finesse, rather than purely brute forcing your opponent into submission. Disp. Once per battle, pick a unit you flew over and roll a d6 for each model in the unit up to a maximum of 20d6. He can cast/deny 3/3 respectively, at default +2 to cast which can be improved by additional +2 (from Cabalistic focus) allowing him to 2d6 supersmite on 6+ roll. I know it's unlikely due to the high leadership, but the look on your opponents face when you steal their shiny new Valiant or Castellan is priceless, If you aren't against a little inter-god mingling, this can combo very impressively with the. Mechanically the Cult is, unsurprisingly, based around boosting the psychic capability of your army, adding in an extra smite-like power and helping with casting. A Tzeentch unit within 9" gets +1 strength. For the anti-tank role, starting at 180 points, you can grab a las-pred armed with 4 lascannons. If you take this monstrosity then expect all of the DAKKA to target it on turn one. Thousand Sons Products. 9th Edition is seeing almost every unit stay the same or go up in points. Finally! The Psychic Phase Belongs to me and me Alone! The Thousand Sons also have a very limited selection of anti-tank/anti-monster weaponry. Great on any of your melee vehicles like Maulers and properly built Defilers. You can also warptime Khorne berzerkers or Tzaangors 9” away! Nevertheless, Hellforged units are very dangerous to keep around your psykers because of their Containment Breach rule. Mechanically the Cult allows you to restore lost models to units, cast more powers per turn and squeeze an extra turn out of a character. While it's not as tough, it's way faster and can take the same weapons, Twin Heavy Bolters, two Twin Lascannons and a Vengeance Launcher on top for a total of 10 points less than a Land Raider. This site is like a library, Use search box in the widget to get ebook that you want. I know targeting rules have changed but I didnt think it would be that big an impact that suddenly wed be losing all our psykers just like that. In addition you aren't penalised for spamming Smite like most other factions. But on the flip side it's smart to cast this on units like your Scarab Occult Terminators as they will hit on a 2+ in shooting and close combat as well as get DttFE on a 5+. For each 4+, the nearest visible enemy unit within 18" takes a mortal wound. This battle was played against Gareth from Obsec Tactics. Ahriman is now available on the new SC! Played a game v.s. But against. Thematically the Cult represents the raw power of the warp tamed and manifested by the most powerful Sorcerers in the Army. If you don't mind going multi-god, Fiends of Slaanesh have ANOTHER -1 to enemy Psychic tests, on top of locking enemy units in melee, and the Burning Chariot can take Chanting Horrors, giving you a total of -3 to cast from Daemons alone, -5 on the chosen character. Reliance on your Psychic synergy means Anti-psyker units like Sisters of Silence, Culexus Assassins, GC Sancti/Magi/Abominants and Tyranids (. 2x20 Tzaangors with Tzaangor Blades and Brayhorn. Surround him with Scarab Terminators or Rubric Marines though, and he's an amazing force multiplier. July 15, 2020. Thousand Sons army lists already suffer in the anti-tank/anti-monster heavy weapon department so it's always best to use any advantage we have in order to compensate for that deficiency. Lords reroll 1s, Warpsmith D3 heals and Sorcerer prescience, right? Their purpose was guide the Legion along it's path in conflict and overall philosophical development. Warp-pulse bombs: Pick a unit you flew over and roll 3d6 for each vehicle or monster in said unit, or 1d6 for each other model, up to a maximum of 9d6. They won't take down Land Raiders, but crippling big guns on the 2nd turn (or even 1st with Warptime) with such a cheap unit is a viable strategy. The Cult of Change is anathema to order. The strats to double their shots and their sorcerer now knows an additional spell. a 5! Another solid build is to take a pair of MSU squads, give everyone a Warpflamer or Warpflame Pistol and pack them into a Rhino. Alternate Ranged Opinion: Taking a Reaper is useful to keep the points of any Helbrute build low and keep your investment in your distraction unit to a minimum. He's one of the most. The leaks are out, the dust is settling, lets check out who won and lost within the Thousand Sons codex. The real 1k difference makers. Thousand Sons 9th Edition Codex. They also have access to. If you're using that setup, have him fly in first and then use him as an anchor for the Terminators so he can still contribute to the battle directly, as opposed to sitting on his crimson ass half the game. Times and dates in your local timezone. With the new Chapter Approved 2019 you can take a second fist for for a mere +10 pts, so now you can dual wield for a total of 90pts for a punishing scrapper in melee. ... Wednesday 9th December. You can have some mental moments with this power. Line breaker is surprisingly easy with dark matter crystal and cult of duplicity but watch out because space marines with drops pods auto score it. Found my old predator from like 10 years ago and thought I'd make use of it finally. Please note that this is the tactics for 8th edition Thousand Sons. Specifically the Hellforged Rapier, Chaos Hellwright and Chaos Hellwright on Dark Abyant; as well as any unit that cannot take Thousand Sons and Tzeentch keywords. Whether you want to shit out mindbullets, buff allies, debuff enemies, or any combination of the above, the Thousand Sons will have it covered. This excludes units with 18+ wounds (Magnus), Lots of new terrain "tags" that can be applied, something like 10-12 of them, Light cover: gives you +1 to saves (just like today) vs ranged weapons, Heavy cover: gives you +1 to save against melee attacks, unless you were charged, Lookout Sir - appears to simply apply a 3" rule for characters being targeted at all. Don't you dare try this on Tyranid HQs. Having a 1/3 chance(5 or 6) of instantly murdering a Captain or Warboss sounds pretty damn worth a try. Can be used to wrap enemy vehicles into position, but Tzaangors have bigger bases (so need less models to do it) and are much better at getting stuck in. All 10 of them. Also got caught out a couple of times don’t forget you can’t jump back and forth from psykers anymore when casting it feels proper odd. What would it look like if we see Thousand Sons receive new models in 9th edition? Every conquest and withdrawal is a perfectly planned manoeuvre, a single step that leads towards some unseen master stroke. Posted by 1 day ago. Mechanically the Cult provides some close-combat manipulation and the ability to steal the weapons of your opponent characters for a round.
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