For the first deck to profile, there is no better way to start other than with the King of Games Yugi Muto. However, he wasn't seen taking anything from Lumis, Umbra or the other two Rare Hunters he defeated in tag-team duels with Seto Kaiba, likely because he was more focused on saving his friends. After defeating the Rare Hunter, Seeker, he got back the "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" that was taken from Joey after he lost it in a previous duel and was prepared to give it back to him, but Joey let him keep it as a sign of their friendship, which proved invaluable when they were forced to duel each-other by Marik. In Yu-Gi-Oh! 414YGO 39,130 views. I've been playing this card games since the original series aired on KidsWB. This deck is not legal in the TCG because it conflicts with the banlist: Deck has 1 Graceful Charity but the official banlist limits this card to 0; Much like my build of Yugi Muto's Duelist Kingdom deck, I didn't use Anime exclusive cards and I added cards to make certain monsters playable, such as The Winged Dragon of Ra - … > Yu-Gi-Oh ... Yugi Muto, Mokuba Kaiba, and Mai Valentine after they stole the "Niwatori" card. During the last turns of the final Duel, he focuses on strengthening his "Silent Magician LV0" in order to beat Atem's "Dark Magician", through "Card of Sanctity". Main 40. October 8, 2020 Treven 720 0 Comments anime. He also included several (retrained versions of) cards he had formerly used in Duelist Kingdom, but not in Battle City. Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1, Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning, Megathread. Most of them didn't appear in the movie. See also: Rick, whose Deck Yugi used against KC DuelTek 760. Yugi used this Deck against Pegasus, and brought it to compete in Duelist Kingdom, however the Deck was radically altered again once the pieces of Exodia were lost by Weevil Underwood. Android Deck Building Application . He also makes use of his "The Eye of Timaeus" card he received in order to defeat Dartz, by fusing it with his Magicians in order to Summon powerful Fusions. If anyone has any suggestions on how to improve the decks that I post on here, let me know in the comments below. In episode 13, Yugi combines some of Joey's, Téa's and Tristan's cards into his Deck against Yami Bakura. In the Grand Championship arc, Yugi plays a Spellcaster/Three Musketeers of Face Cards Deck, which focuses on Summoning his Magicians quickly through "Skilled Dark Magician" and "Watapon", and supports older combos involving them with cards like "Emblem of Dragon Destroyer" and "Necromancy". Beast Rising lets you endlessly increase your monster's attack, as long as you have a Beast or Beast-Warrior type monsters. Looking… The Dogmatika lore continues with a new archetype, the Tri-Brigade. The literal and graphical information presented on this site about Yu-Gi-Oh!, including card images, the attribute, level/rank and type symbols, and card text, is copyright 4K Media Inc, a subsidiary of Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. Yugi Muto Deck Profile - Duration: ... 414YGO 39,427 views. 30 Commons / Normal Parallel Rares Also, check out my Youtube channel to see these decks in action. Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Anime Decks Decks . In Yu-Gi-Oh! He includes several cards to protect his Life Points, such as "Lengard" and "Soul Shield". This is because Bandit Keith stole the puzzle from him while being mind-controlled by Marik. During the Battle City preliminaries and quarter-finals, Yugi runs a Magnet Warrior/Spellcaster Deck that focuses on "Dark Magician" and "Dark Magician Girl" and supports both Spellcasters through "Magic Cylinder" and "Magic Formula". Anime Decks Decks . Moderator of r/DuelLinks Archived. In addition, most of his Kuriboh support cards made no appearance. Now destiny has opened the path to an unimaginable journey! If all else fails, he resorts to Summoning mighty Ritual Monsters including "Black Luster Soldier" and "Magician of Black Chaos" for a reversal finish. Summon The Unhappy Girl and lock Yugi's monsters to stall the duel, or use Rai-Mei if you don't have her in starting hand. Yugi Muto Deck Building Megathread. This Deck represents the strength Yugi has without the help of Yami Yugi as well as his playful side. This deck includes all the cards that were listed in Yugi's deck during this arc. He uses a number of retrained versions of iconic monsters of the both, including brand-new Spellcaster-Type support cards for Atem's "Dark Magician" and "Dark Magician Girl". This website is not produced by, endorsed by, supported by, or affiliated with 4k Media or Konami Digital Entertainment.
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